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Plans for Newsletter ‘AIGNA voice’


Printing a journal has proved problematic for the Association as it requires a large amount of time for peer review and cost in terms of printing and dissemination. This together with not having an impact factor has made acquiring, editing, and formatting articles difficult for our small committee. So, we are returning to our roots and will revert to a newsletter. The final issue of JAIGNA (Journal of the All Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association) was published in May 2023 and is available to download from our website. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed over the years to JAIGNA, disseminating research, evidence based practice and real life stories.  JAIGNA originated as FEASA- Newsletter of the All-Ireland Gerontological Nurses Association. We are now once again going to engage and interact with our members through the medium of a newsletter / ezine.

Our new newsletter will be called The AIGNA Voice. The AIGNA Voice will provide opportunities to share information and activities within gerontology and gerontological nursing both nationally and internationally. It will also provide information related to journal scans, book reviews, and articles from practice about services or innovations, conferences and education opportunities related to gerontology. In the final edition of JAIGNA we have articles on Dementia, Experiences of Covid in Care homes, The Assisted Decision-making Capacity Act (2015) and A day in the life of an ANP. All members of AIGNA can submit material for potential inclusion to the AIGNA Voice, which will be reviewed by the AIGNA Research, Education, Publication and Strategy sub-committee for decisions on inclusion. If you have a good news story or information that you would like to share, please email including ‘AIGNA Voice’ in email title. Details of submission requirements can be downloaded from AIGNA website.